New Rotational Molding Machine

Rotoline has just launched a new rotational molding machine. Sphere Oven SO 1.60 is a highly innovative and technological model for the market, which brings efficiency and productivity to the creation of rotational molded parts. In this article, we want to tell you all about Rotoline’s new machine.

Sphere Oven brings high performance innovation to the small rotational molded parts market. In addition, it is the first rotational molding machine with a Spherical Oven, without doors and which allows a more homogeneous air flow, with less heat loss and being even more efficient.

Now rotational molded parts can be produced in less time. The new Sphere Oven rotational molding machine can be 100% automated, which allows for more accurate, safe and efficient work throughout the entire process. Thus, it is possible to develop a greater number of parts in less time and still have a lower operating cost.

In addition, the cooling and automatic unloading of the parts ensure greater safety and agility in manufacturing.

The Main Advantages Of The New Rotational Molding Machine:

First Spherical Oven machine on the market

Can be 100% automated

High efficiency and security

Greater productivity and agility in the process

Robust mechanics

Lower operating cost

Integrated electrical

smart control

User friendly software

Additional 4 independent arms

Additional automatic weighing system


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