W. MÜLLER GmbH Blow Molding Technology – Experience-Quality-Reliability

Publish Date: 2014-07-07 00:00:00

W. MÜLLER GmbH Blow Molding Technology – Experience-Quality-Reliability

W. MÜLLER GmbH of Troisdorf-Germany was founded in 1976 and is a second generation, family-owned enterprise.

Specialized in extrusions heads for blow molding machines and auxiliary equipment W. MÜLLER GmbH has always understood tradition as continuous further development. From mono-layer heads to multi-layer applications, single cavity to multi cavity W. MÜLLER has sold over 3.500 extrusion heads and 3.000 extruders world-wide, including projects that have been sold in India.

Some advantages of W. MÜLLER extrusion heads:

· High-level of customization, designed for customer demands, tried and tested in 24/7 operation.

· Prompt delivery and installation worldwide.

· The demands of production stability and functional reliability are always met, even with complex new developments.

· W. MÜLLER extrusion heads ensure excellent uniform distribution, precise melt transport, and short color-change intervals for all blow molding plastics.

· In-house design and production capacity ensures the highest quality for all products and services of W. MÜLLER

W. MÜLLER has been successfully working together with Plachem International as their representative in India since beginning of 2011.


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