Regardless of the geographic area that you have chosen for distributing your press release, all releases are delivered by a unique "PPR distribution process". Other press release distribution services only post your press release online without sending it to any journalists, reporters or editors. Without sending your press release to journalists, you will not be successful in getting publicity or media attention.

In addition to being automatically posted to about many sites, we will post your press release to our highly respected PlasticsPr.com service. Your press releases will appear in popular search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO), up to five links, and two images are included.

Press releases are sent by RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to popular news sites. All press releases included in our RSS feed are automatically posted to popular news sites. This online visibility brings traffic, SEO benefit, and credibility to your news and website.

We also send your press release to newsrooms and Wire Service by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The wire services and newsrooms then redistribute your press release to many additional news outlets.

We reach individual journalists by email. Your entire press release is sent to journalists (reporters, editors, etc) that cover the topic of your press release. Journalists at magazine, trade journals, and online portals are constantly in need of story ideas and guests. Our media list contains over 1,000 media contacts. Each press release is sent by itself, not grouped together with other press releases. This feature ensures that your release gets the kind of personal attention from journalists that is so essential. Journalists are much more likely to consider press releases that come directly to them, and as noted above, they very rarely search the internet for story ideas.

In comparison, when a press release distribution service does not give you exact details of what methods they will use to distribute your press release in writing, this generally means that they will be posting your release online, with perhaps some limited RSS syndication.