About PlasticsPR

Plastics PR is world's first online PR portal dedicated to the Plastics Industry. This idea was developed and founded by Mr. Ginu Joseph and he is in Plastics Industry for Approximately 20 years, he started his career as a junior journalist, who worked in various other positions and designations of editorial capacity like Associate Editor, Correspondent, Contributing Editor and Special Correspondent Senior Editor and Editor in Chief for many plastics publications worldwide. During this period he found the need of a common platform for journalist, companies and PR agencies and done many researches on this for last five years.

Finally the time came to a conclusion to all these ideas to start PlasticsPR.com along with his colleagues Ms. Pushpa Shetty, Mr. Antony George and Ms. Petra Lower, every ones idea, research and hard work came together to support all the three categories (Journalist, Companies and PR Agencies).

This platform will allow journalist to earn money from their published articles, which is uploaded by them to the portal. Only people who are not getting money for their work journalist, So we decided to charge companies and PR Agencies for Uploading the News and give a part to all journalist who are registered on the system.

Plastics PR is world's first online PR portal dedicated to Plastics Industry. It will provide platform for firms, PR companies, Journalist & Media Companies thriving on news related to Plastics Industry.

PlasticsPR allows the companies & PR agencies to upload their news to the portal in any language, or any format like pdf or word document file including jpg/jpeg. PlasticsPR is generating buzz within the Plastics Industry across the world.

PlasticsPR enables Journalists to download the news uploaded by the companies, PR agencies & other sources - completely free, Thus easing the work for Journalists and Technical Publications. Journalist can opt for daily, weekly or monthly email updates that means your message will delivered regularly.